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Worldwide Famine Coming Soon? A Senator And Analyst Sound The Alarm! 🚨

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Think a worldwide famine is coming soon?

Think they are doing everything they can to cause one?

Here are three stories we’ve reported on in just the last two days:

Airplane Crashes Into General Mills Food Plant in Georgia; No Survivors Reported from Incident

Flagship U.S. Organic Food Distributor Suffers ‘Mysterious’ Fire

Fires and Explosions Destroy 20+ Food Processing Plants Moments After Biden Warns of Food Shortages

Just all accidents and coincidences, I’m sure…

Or not.

Many are now sounding the alarm, including Senators.

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall is warning a “worldwide famine” is coming in the wake of war in Ukraine and rising input prices:

“This will be a worldwide famine. I think it will be even worse next year than this year. So if 12, 15% of the wheat comes from Ukraine that’s exported, and they’re having problems getting fertilizer, they’re having tractors in the field, all the diesel fuel is going towards their war efforts…

I think American farmers are doing their best to respond, but we can’t get fertilizer. The fertilizer prices have quadrupled. Diesel food has doubled. So many of the fertilizers and the herbicides we can’t even get right now.”

One analyst says it’s not just fertilizer and diesel shortages.

He says there’s a worker shortage, too.


From the video:

“Farmers — they’re dealing with a shortage of fertilizer, record high diesel prices and worker shortages. This is all going to mean less production, less production of food is going to equal higher food prices for lower income countries.

This is going to mean food insecurity riots and worst case — so worst case scenario is starvation. President Biden acknowledged the upcoming food shortage he said at a G7 meeting with NATO leaders with regard to the food shortage, yes it’s gonna be real.”

Here’s the fertilizer situation in a nutshell:

The best way to be prepared for food shortages is to have a full pantry, plant your own garden and get to know local farmers.

Another way, if you can afford it, is to stock up on long-lasting ’emergency food.’

‘Emergency food’ means food kits packed with 2,000-plus calories a day that last a long time — some for as long as 30 years.

If you want to explore the world of emergency food, millions of American families have already got theirs from (ordering through this link and the links below benefits WeLoveTrump).

Their emergency food is so popular, MyPatriotSupply is now the largest preparedness company in America.

You can put emergency food kits in a storage area in your house — and worry less about what your family will eat if food shortages ever hit us at home.

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The best time to prepare for food shortages is today.

After food shortages hit, it’s too late.

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