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World Government Summit 2022 Opens With “Are We Ready for a New World Order?” (VIDEO)

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Is ‘New World Order’ still a conspiracy theory?

We recently heard Joe Biden say there’s a “New World Order” coming in a speech

Biden Says There’s a “New World Order” Coming During Speech (VIDEO)

Ukrainian official Kira Rudik said, “we fight for this New World Order.”

WATCH: Ukrainian Official Kira Rudik: “We Fight For This New World Order”

Australian officials declared we’re in the “New World Order.”

WATCH: Australian Government Officials Declare We’re In The “New World Order”…

Pope Francis called for a “New World Order” after the pandemic ends.

Pope Francis Just Called for a “New World Order” When the Pandemic Ends

We can add another “New World Order” mention at the World Government Summit 2022.

It didn’t take long on the opening day to reveal the agenda.

The title of one session was called, “Are We Ready for a New World Order?”


This year’s theme for the summit is “Shaping the Future of Governments.”

Unsurprisingly, Darth Schwab spoke at an event that had an agenda about shaping the “New World Order.”

And we couldn’t go without mentioning the transformation of the financial system into central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

She speaks so glowingly about digital enslavement of the masses.

The summit also discussed the future balance of global powers.

The event’s website states:

The World Government Summit 2022 will be held exceptionally in tandem with the closing of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, the largest event of its kind that brings the world together, under the theme “Shaping Future Governments”. The Summit will bring thought leaders, global experts and decision makers from around the globe to share and contribute to the development of tools, policies, and models that are essential in shaping future governments.

In other words, a meeting of egomaniacs on how they intend to enslave the global population.

Watch the entire livestream from day 1 of the summit on YouTube:

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