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Wisconsin Supreme Court Is Deciding The Fate Of Ballot Drop Boxes

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I often talk about Wisconsin, and the massive irregularities which occurred there.

There was a reported 83,000 missing ballots in Wisconsin’s 2020 election. How did this happen? Where did these ballots go? 83,000 is an enormous number.

We typically talk about the ‘nibble’ tactics that Democrats use to alter the results of elections, but 83,000 is far from a nibble…

Ballot drop boxes, mail-in voting schemes, and mass absentee voting all contributed to the election fraud, across the country, witnessed in 2o2o…

Now Wisconsin’s highest court is hearing arguments for and against these ballot drop box and absentee voting schemes:

Just The News reports:

“[State law] says there are only two ways to return an absentee ballot, you mail it or you deliver it in-person to the clerk.

And a drop box is neither of those, which is why they’re not allowed, ” Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty senior counsel Luke Berg told The Center Square.

“But the other side says ‘Well, ya know it doesn’t say clearly that you can’t have a drop box.’”

According to The Wisconsin Daily Star:

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has a conservative majority on paper, but swing Justice Brian Hagedorn has often ruled with the court’s liberals. Hagedorn sided with the conservatives on the most recent ballot drop box ruling.

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