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Wisconsin Attorney Erick Kaardal, Special Counsel for Thomas More Society, Files Complaint with Elections Commission on Behalf of Senior Whose 2020 Vote was Stolen

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In early March the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections held an informational hearing on the Gableman 2020 Election Report featuring invited speakers Special Counsel and Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and noted Attorney Eric Kaardal.

During their testimony, Justice Gableman played video of several victims of voter theft.  Several brave Wisconsin families reached out to Gableman and his committee after they discovered someone had voted for their loved one who is in a nursing home. This happened all over Wisconsin.

Justice Gableman disclosed during the hearing that the nursing homes in the Zuckerberg-funded cities had 100% turn out in the 2020 election. This is clear voter fraud they discovered.

The video that played during the hearing was heartbreaking.
It takes a special kind of evil to abuse disabled seniors.
This is today’s Democrat Party.

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On Thursday Wisconsin Attorney Erick Kaardal, Special Counsel for Thomas More Society, filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission over the alleged stolen votes from nursing home resident Sandra Klitze.

WTAQ reported:

A conservative law firm has issued a new complaint to the Wisconsin elections commission.

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal says that an elderly and cognitively impaired Grand Chute woman, Sandra Klitzke, has been voting in the past several elections despite a court order preventing her from doing so.

“Someone’s voting for Mrs. Klitzke,” said Kaardal. “It’s not a family member. It’s not a friend. It’s someone, maybe staff at the facility or someone else.”

Klitzke, who is in a nursing home, has been sent a ballot for the April 5th election in spite of the no-vote order issued by an Outagamie County Judge. According to, she voted in the 2020 Presidential Election and the April 2021 election as well.

Footage of Klitzke was used by Special Counsel Mike Gableman when presenting his findings on the 2020 election to lawmakers in Madison.

“I like Sandra Klitzke a lot, she’s my client,” Kaardal told WTAQ. “But she doesn’t have the capacity to vote, and it’s in her interest not to be voted for. That’s voter fraud. That’s elder abuse.”

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