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Will The ‘Taint Team’ Successfully Block President Trump’s Special Master Request?

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Everyone reading this knows how corrupt the DOJ and the FBI are…especially when it comes to anything Trump…

According to reports, the Department of Justice is having a ‘taint team’, also known as a ‘filter team’, comb through the documents they confiscated in the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Sources are worried that the presence of this filter team may complicate President Trump’s motion to have an independent 3rd party known as a ‘special master’ to oversee and filter through the documents—fully protecting President Trump’s attorney-client and legal privileges.

The reason behind this is that the DOJ filter team has likely already combed through all the files, so the request is moot.

It shouldn’t take a genius to realize that any team the DOJ or FBI uses will not take care to observe the rights of Donald J. Trump, they’re going to ‘cut corners’ every chance they get…

Perhaps even insert some evidence here or there?

We will continue to bring you updates as the story develops, but for now, here’s the latest:

Fox News explains:

The Justice Department’s use of a “taint” or “filter” team, while standard procedure, could complicate Trump’s legal team’s efforts for the appointment of an independent special master to examine the seized records, as it is likely they have already been inspected by DOJ officials.


Newsmax had more on the request for a special master:

The court filing reads:

“President Donald J. Trump, through his undersigned counsel, respectfully files this Motion For Judicial Oversight And Additional Relief, which seeks an order that: (a) appoints a Special Master; (b) enjoins further review of seized materials by the Government until a Special Master is appointed; (c) requires the Government to provide a more detailed Receipt for Property; and (d) requires the Government to return any item seized that was not within the scope of the Search Warrant, and states as follows:

“Politics cannot be allowed to impact the administration of justice. President Donald J. Trump is the clear frontrunner in the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary and in the 2024 General Election, should he decide to run.”

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