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Will Democrat Militants Like Antifa and BLM Rise Up Again and Destroy Lives and Cities in Response to the Supreme Court Overturning Row v. Wade?

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Will the Democrats unleash the violent radicals in their party to again destroy American cities, businesses, and lives in response to the Supreme Court overturning Row v. Wade? 

Frank Gaffney in his secure minute asks today if the color revolution will take place again in America in response to the reported Row v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. Will there be another ‘summer of love’ where Americans and businesses will be held hostage by violent radicals who destroy property and lives?

The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion signaling the majority’s intention to overturn Roe vs. Wade is an ominous indication of what may be in store for the country over the next six months. Expect actions aimed at preventing such a decision from being finalized and/or influencing this fall’s elections.

They might include institutional assaults like ending the Senate filibuster to enact pro-abortion legislation and perhaps pack the Supreme Court.

TRENDING: Democrats SCREAM AND WAIL Like Demons After News Breaks that SCOTUS Is Tossing Roe v Wade

Alternatively, there may be physical threats against its justices. Or perhaps even a renewed “color revolution” laying waste to American cities like the so-called “Summer of Love” two years ago.

Here’s an audio of today’s Secure Freedom Minute.

In 2020 during the summer of love, Democrat politicians across the country forgot about the people and store owners who were negatively impacted by radicals destroying their businesses and livelihoods.  But thanks to Big Media and Big Tech, the Democrats made money out of the riots and death they supported in 2020.

EXCLUSIVE: After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion in Damages, and Over 2,000 Policemen and Policewomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed or Promised Nearly $1 Billion to BLM and/or Social Justice Groups

The below video was from a business owner in Seattle.  This is what the Democrats did to him and his city in 2020.  They remained silent while BLM and Antifa went wild.

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