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Why Is President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, Meeting With Ukraine and Polland?

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Well, this is very interesting…

President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, just got back from a trip to Ukraine & Poland. 

And no, it wasn’t a vacation.

Miller said in a new interview that he “had very frank discussions with some extremely high level Ukrainian military & intelligence officials, and political officials.”

Anyone else stunned at that news?

Why is no one in the MSM picking up on this?

Why is the “former” Secretary of Defense inserting himself into a war zone and meeting with senior leadership?

Perhaps he’s not really “former”?

I don’t know folks, but this is very interesting and caught my attention the second I saw it.

Watch the short clip here on Rumble:

Ok folks, what do YOU think?

Is there more going on here?

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