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Why Are There So Many NYC Based Sex Trafficking Rings?—A Look Inside The Larry Ray Scandal

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I am originally from New York City.

Back in the 1990’s the city was vibrant, hopeful, and the jewel of American capitalism. Today it is an overtaxed, over-regulated, left-wing hell hole.

New York City is now the site of the Epstein and Maxwell conspiracy, the alleged Mitchell trafficking ring, the site of the Sarah Lawrence college sex trafficking scandal, and many more that are quietly pushed under the rug.

The most recent high-profile case to plague the city is that of the Lawrence Ray trafficking scandal which involved students at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College.

Lawrence Ray, who is 62 at the time of this writing, is accused of violently assaulting his daughter’s schoolmates, and forcing them into prostitution.

One of the women describes being suffocated with a plastic bag, another describes being bound by zip ties and punched in the face…

To make matters worse, a long list of New York City’s elite were exposed as having alleged ties to the Sarah Lawrence trafficking ring. A list of 121 names was reportedly leaked by the DOJ, but is nowhere to be found at this time…

My question is: why do these things keep happening in the city?

Could it be that NYC’s shift leftward is warping the minds and morals of these people?

Could it be that the system is essentially set up to reward psychopaths and sociopaths? Is this why we see so many people with absolutely disgusting habits at the top?

I am often struck by the level of depravity, immorality, and debauchery displayed by these people—it isn’t normal, and it is just one more reason to distrust the state, public institutions, and corporations…

All 3 of which are epitomized by New York City and the metropolitan life.

Here’s a brief look inside the Sarah Lawrence College sex trafficking scandal:

The Guardian provides some of the accusations and accounts of Ray’s victims:

“I became a prostitute,” Drury said during testimony.

Drury alleged Ray had tortured her for hours, suffocating her with a plastic bag after binding her to a hotel chair. At one point, she said, he stopped to have burgers and fries.

Ray has pleaded not guilty to 16 charges against him, including sex trafficking and violent crime in aid of racketeering.


According to The New York Post, the Larry Ray sex cult funneled money into the campaign of a NC based Democrat:

In addition to the wire transfers, Rosario, Ray and his alleged cohort, Isabella Pollok, donated to the campaign Talia worked for, she testified.

“What financial support, if any, did you provide?” federal prosecutor Mollie Bracewell asked Rosario about the campaign Talia worked for.

“We donated to the campaign,” Rosario responded, adding that they used “ActBlue” software to make the donations.

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