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WHO COVID-19 Special Envoy David Nabarro Warns Britain to ‘Prepare For More Surges,’ Hinting at Fall and Winter Lockdowns

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The World Health Organization remains desperate to inflict irrational fear of COVID-19 into the global population.

WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 Response Dr. David Nabarro said in a recent interview that “there will be more surges.”

Nabarro is essentially priming citizens to expect more lockdowns by fall and winter.

Express reported:

Following the 23,791 new covid cases recorded on April 24 in the UK, WHO Special Envoy on Covid-19 Response Doctor David Nabarro warned British people: “Prepare for more surges” over the winter. “Hospitals and Public Health officers are already hard at work as they know what is coming down the pipe”, said Dr Nabarro.

Speaking with Dr Nabarro, Sky News presenter Niall Paterson asked: “Should we all be looking ahead to what it might be coming down the pipeline in autumn and winter this year?

He continued: “We have always seen that deep over the summer because respiratory illnesses are transmitted the same way.”

“But should we be preparing for a surge coming later on this year?”, he asked Dr Nabarro.

Dr Nabarro responded: “Absolutely, my language is like this.”

He firmly said: “Prepare for your surges, prevent transmission when the virus is around and protect people who are most at risk.”

“Three P words, I believe people are the solution”, he added

He then explained: “With those concepts of preparing, preventing and protecting we will be able to deal with this.”

Mr Nabarro also said: “There will be surges and people in the hospitals and public health officers are already hard at work because the know what is coming down the pipe, as you say.”

Citizens of every nation should resist the World Health Organization with a vengeance.

As I’ve reported, the WHO is currently plotting a globalist coup to strip nations’ sovereignty to establish their own health policies during a ‘crisis.’

Take Action to Stop the WHO’s Diabolical Global Pandemic Treaty; #StopTheTreaty

WHO Quietly Pushes for Global Pandemic Treaty That Would Give Organization Precedence Over Participating Nations During “Pandemics”

For participating countries, this global binding agreement would override their nation’s constitution and pandemic response strategies.

Thus, it establishes a pre-determined global response to any “pandemic.”

Top-down authoritarian control disguised as public health.

We Love Trump

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