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When Will Joe Biden’s Manufactured Food Shortages Arrive?

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We are hearing some whispers of food shortages here and there, but not a Biden level catastrophe as of yet.

I say this because the Biden administration is incredible at doing one thing: screwing things up. These people have promised us food shortages—they brazenly sounded what they would have us believe is an alarm…

The truth of the matter though? They’re not sounding an alarm, they’re just trying to condition people and prepare them for the next step in their plan.

This proxy conflict with Russia is being used as a front to manufacture several crises including a faster devaluation of the Dollar, an energy crisis, and the food shortages the administration is foreshadowing.

So when will we see this manufactured crisis take root? One source claims that it will hit in mid-summer and accelerate by early fall. Here is what we currently know:

Bill Hennessey writes via The Gateway Pundit:

Looking at typical farming cycles, noticeable shortages should arrive in your local stores just in time for the 4th of July.

But the real crisis should arrive as the weather starts to cool in the fall. School lunch programs will be affected.

The FDA and the CDC will lower recommended daily allowances of foods. (Yes, expect to see a new food pyramid this summer purportedly based on science, but actually driven by scarcity.)


Washington Examiner explains that the White House is already drafting plans to deal with the food shortage:

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese suggested that President Joe Biden will soon make an announcement on action taken by the United States and G-7 nations to prevent global food shortages sparked by the war in Ukraine.

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