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“Went To War With China”? You Worked For Them and We Have The Tape!

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Something is very, very wrong with President Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz.

As President Trump gives Oz his endorsement, Pompeo is literally holding a press conference saying he is dangerous and not to be trusted!

This happened earlier today in case you missed it:

Pompeo Hold Presser Stating U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Is A Threat To National Security

And now here is Dr. Oz at the Trump Rally in a truly bizarre clip claiming how he “went to battle with Big Pharma” and “went to battle with China” and “went to battle against BigTech”.

Really Oz?

When did you do any of these things?

Because I only remember you being a HUGE shill for BigPharma.

I never remember you fighting BigTech, like…ever….at all….not even once.

But I do remember him working for China, do you?

Good thing I have the clip!

Watch on Rumble here:

And while we’re on the topic, I’ll show you one more.

Remember this?

Oz hopes you don’t:

The Video Dr. Oz Doesn’t Want You To See…His Support of Roe vs. Wade (please don’t share)

That’s my take!

What do you think?

We Love Trump

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