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“We Have a President that Shakes Hands with Air and Is Taking Orders from the Easter Bunny.”

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The United States is in the worst shape it has been in a generation. What has happened since Joe Biden took over is frightening. It’s really bad.

President Trump summed up the horrific state of the United States today – leader Biden is ‘taking orders from the Easter bunny”:

TRENDING: BREAKING: SECOND EXCLUSIVE TRAILER Released for “2000 Mules” — Shows How the 2020 Election Was RIGGED AND STOLEN — VIDEO

This is true.  Last week Biden was being bossed around by the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn.  It was a disgrace and a disaster.

Rabbit to the Rescue: Easter Bunny Retrieves Biden as He Wanders Off to Talk to Some Children – Then Blocks Press from Asking Biden Questions (VIDEO)

Biden also was at an event in Iowa where he turned to shake hands with no one – nobody was there.

Wow! Biden Finishes Speech Then Turns to Shake Hands with Air – Then Gets Lost on Stage (VIDEO)

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