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“We Got Tired Of Tripping Over Women Giving Themselves Abortions In Public Bathrooms!”

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Whoopi Goldberg has said some CRAZY things over the years…

But this may top them all.

And I don’t even mean just one line.

This was 1:52 of pure crazy.

I’m literally going to have to break it down line by line because almost everything in this was stunningly wrong, weird or just a flat out lie!

Let’s dig in, starting with this:

“This is MY body and nobody gonna tell me what to do with MY body.”

Ok, great point Guinan…now where were you with this take over the last two years when you and your far-left buddies were force-masking and force-jabbing all of America?


But now when it comes to limiting your “right” to kill a baby, now you speak up?


Moving on to the next one, she tells us who gets to make the decision about whether she kills her baby:

“My doctor, my-self, and my child, that’s who makes that decision.”

Ummmm, hold up there Whoopster…

It’s very wrong, but I was hanging in there with you on #1 and #2 but then we get to #3 and you lose me.

The child you’re about to kill is in on this decision?

I’m pretty sure the child is voting “no”, so is it kind of like 2 out of 3 the child is outvoted or how does this work?

Oh my….

But she was just getting warmed up.

Next she tells us the reason why abortion ever came to be.


No, that’s not the reason.

The reason, according to Whoopi is this:

“We got tired of tripping over women in bathrooms — public bathrooms — giving themselves abortions because there was no where safe to go!”

Ok, I need to compose myself before tackling this one…

I have not been in many women’s bathrooms over the years, but was this ever actually a thing ANYONE has experienced?

We have 6 million people each month reading WeLoveTrump and let’s assume half of those are women…have any of the 3 million of you ever walked into a public bathroom and tripped over a woman “giving herself an abortion”?

I think Whoopi was just drunk off the attention at this point and rambling because that makes no sense.

First of all, if you were really in that position, wouldn’t you probably choose your own home bathroom instead of like a Walmart restroom?

Never mind the fact I don’t think it’s ever actually happened, let alone so many times that you quote, “got tired of tripping over them.”


She ends with this:

“This has nothing to do with religion.”

I think it does Whoopi.

First, the Bible adamantly prohibits it.

Second, the “god” Hollywood worships, Moloch, demands it.

So it’s absolutely a religious issue…in fact, at its core it’s almost exclusively a religious issue of the spiritual realm.

Ok, that’s it, I can’t deal with this fool anymore, I’m done ranting.

Just watch it for yourself:

We Love Trump

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