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(WATCH) Viral Video of Chinese Kneeling to Authorities While Their Vaccine Passports Are Scanned by Officials

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This is the future globalists want for Americans.

They want you subservient to authority and compliant to medical tyranny.

The Chinese Communist Party is the model they aspire for the United States to emulate.

A viral video from China reportedly captured the brutality globalists like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates want to usher in western societies.

Chinese citizens were filmed on their knees, waiting to be checked for their compliance with the country’s vaccine passport requirements.


Chinese officials have gone insane with COVID lockdowns again, and compliant citizens allegedly kneel while waiting for the government to ensure they’re vaccinated and have up-to-date vaccine passports.

Newsweek reported:

A video appearing to show Chinese citizens kneeling in the street while their vaccine passports are scanned has gone viral.

The footage was allegedly recorded in Jinan City in Shandong Province on April 1, and it has so far been viewed over 450,000 times.

Twitter user Songpinganq posted the video with the caption: “Generations of indoctrination comes to this: People lining up, on their knees, waiting for Chinese stormtroopers [to] scan their movement licenses-QR code vaccine passports. 2022/04/01 Jinan city Shandong province.”

In the video, a long line of people can be seen either crouching or kneeling in the street. At the start, it appears to show two individuals in full COVID protective clothing scanning people’s phones while they kneel.

Around Christmas 2021, the same Twitter account showed Chinese authorities carrying guns at checkpoints.

The COVID guards were reportedly checking people’s QR codes and green passes to ensure Chinese citizens comply with vaccine passport requirements.

This is the New World Order if we do not actively resist encroachments on our freedoms.

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