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(WATCH) Tucker Carlson Exposes, “Deeply Disturbing” Pornographic Content Pushed on Schoolchildren

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday night exposed, a far-left organization that has infiltrated schools and is disseminating “deeply disturbing” pornographic content to schoolchildren.

The graphic video below, which is being pushed on prepubescent children and teens, requires a ‘warning’ label on Twitter.

Journalist Colin Wright investigated and revealed how the organization is indoctrinating children.

From Reality’s Last Stand:

AMAZE was recently brought to my attention from a Twitter thread by Chris Elston. In the thread, Chris describes in detail a 30-minute audio recording made in a 7th grade (kids aged ~12) classroom on the topic of gender.

In that recording, following a muddled discussion about pronouns and sex “assignment,” the children were made to watch a video. A Twitter user pointed out that the video is from an organization called AMAZE, which describes its mission thusly:

AMAZE harnesses the power of digital media to provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education they can access directly online—regardless of where they live or what school they attend.

AMAZE also strives to assist adults—parents, guardians, educators and health care providers around the globe—to communicate effectively and honestly about sex and sexuality with the children and adolescents in their lives.

They are also creating “Toolkits, lesson plans, promotional materials and other resources to help educators and health care providers refer students and young patients to AMAZE as an available, free and fun resource to learn about sex and sexuality.” Their YouTube channel currently boasts 177K subscribers and, as the 30-minute recording reveals, their materials are actively making their way into children’s classrooms. This is all to say that their reach is not insignificant.

After watching the video described in the recording, I explored the AMAZE YouTube channel and was shocked at some of the content, which I will share with you.

Watch Tucker Carlson explain more about AMAZE below:

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