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(WATCH) Thousands of Shanghai Residents Scream From Their Apartments After Being Locked Inside

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The video footage reportedly surfacing from Shanghai is disturbing beyond belief.

Here’s a recap of previous clips:

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A recent video shows thousands of frantic Shanghai residents screaming from apartment buildings after being locked down following another alleged COVID-19 outbreak.

Videos circulating social media depict a night-filled cityscape filled with horrid screams of residents forcibly locked into their homes for over a week.

“What the?? This video taken yesterday in Shanghai, China, by the father of a close friend of mine. She verified its authenticity: People screaming out of their windows after a week of total lockdown, no leaving your apartment for any reason,” radio host Patrick Madrid tweeted Friday.

Infowars reported:

“The translation she gave me: ‘It’s Shanghai, everyone is screaming, started with a couple now everyone is screaming, after a week of lockdown, something is going to happen, no one knows when this is going to end.’ He says they can’t even step outside their apartments.”

Another dystopian video shows a drone hovering around the buildings with a prerecorded message discouraging residents from crying for help: “Please comply with COVID restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”

Other videos show the people of Shanghai beginning to openly defy the Chinese Communist Party’s lockdowns as they reach their breaking point.

Cont. from Infowars:

The Chinese Communist Party extended its citywide “zero tolerance” lockdown for 26 million residents in Shanghai earlier this week after thousands of new COVID cases were detected in the city.

“The city will continue to implement seal and control management and strictly implement ‘staying at home,’ except for medical treatment,” the city wrote in its official WeChat account.

The People’s Liberation Army has deployed 2,000 medical personnel to Shanghai with an additional 38,000 medical workers to carry out a mass mitigation effort to test all 26 million city residents for COVID.

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