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Watch the Unreal Trailer for ‘My Son Hunter’

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Hunter Biden probably isn’t going to like this movie.

“My Son Hunter” is set to present a dramatic take on the events that led to the discovery of the younger Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

The movie’s first trailer was released on Thursday.

WARNING: The following contains material that some viewers will find offensive.


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The trailer suggests the film will focus on Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Many of the events in the film appear to stem from real documents recovered from Hunter Biden’s hard drive, while the writers have taken creative license with other elements of the movie.

The film, directed by Robert Davi, stars Laurence Fox in the titular role and John James as President Joe Biden, according to the movie’s website.

Gina Carano of “The Mandalorian” fame appears in the movie as a Secret Service agent.

Will you watch this movie?

“My Son Hunter” also depicts Hunter Biden’s extensive drug use — a habit he has admitted to in great detail, most significantly in his 2021 memoir.

Even though the movie is presenting a fictionalized take on Hunter Biden, there are some indications that the president’s son isn’t happy with how he’s being portrayed in the film.

Producers of the movie say that Biden’s personal “sugar brother” showed up on the set of their film in Serbia in an attempt to dig up dirt on the biopic.


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Kevin Morris, an elite Hollywood lawyer, allegedly misrepresented himself as a documentary filmmaker making his own critical movie about Hunter Biden.

In reality, he’s reportedly making a PR documentary for the disgraced drug addict.

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for potential tax and firearm violations.

“My Son Hunter” will be available to stream and download on Sept. 7.

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