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WATCH HERE: Trump Rally Top Highlights!

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If you missed the Trump Rally tonight, you can watch the whole thing right here:

LIVE: Trump Rally Greensburg, Pennsylvania

But if you just want the highlights, I’ve got those for you too…

So good!

Starting here:

And here:

Then here:


And my favorite:

And courtesy of The Gateway Pundit, here are more from the transcript:


Earlier this week, our movement had a series of blockbuster victories in Ohio and Indiana. We nominated an amazing group of MAGA Patriots to fight for us in November, including future U.S. Senator J.D. Vance. In fact, every single candidate that I endorsed WON their primaries on Tuesday—they went 22 and 0.

Tuesday’s primary results are just the latest proof that we have transformed the face of the Republican Party. We are now the WORKING PEOPLE’S Party. We believe in putting AMERICA FIRST—and we are going to keep on fighting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


We Love Trump

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