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(WATCH) Dr. Robert Malone, “People’s Immune Systems Are Being Damaged, They Are Acquiring an Immunodeficiency” After Multiple Jabs

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Earlier this month, Dr. Robert Malone sat down with news anchor and Face the Facts host April Moss to discuss adverse reactions to the experimental COVID-19 shots.

Malone described a rise in Shingles, Epstein-Barr Virus, and the reactivation of latent DNA viruses after multiple injections.

He explained it’s another line of evidence that T-cells are being damaged by the multiple inoculations.

Malone also touched on the discussion of individuals getting AIDS from the COVID-19 shots.

What seems to be observed, now increasingly, with the multiple jabs is that people’s immune systems are being damaged. They are acquiring an immunodeficiency, which is causing or enabling the reactivation of these DNA viruses,” Malone said.

He then referenced research conducted by pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole and other medical professionals regarding their observations of increased aggressive cancers.

Watch the clip below:

Dr. Malone also discussed T-cell damage in this interview:

Watch the full interview with April Moss on Rumble:

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