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(WATCH) Bill Gates Says People 50 or 60+ Will Need to Get Boosted Every Six Months Until ‘Better Vaccines’ Are Available

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Bill Gates spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper regarding COVID-19 boosters.

In the interview, the billionaire globalist confirmed another ‘conspiracy theory’ for watchers.

Gates stated, “for people over 50 or 60, they’ll probably have to be boosted every 6 months until we get even better vaccines.”

The self-proclaimed pandemic expert who has zero medical qualifications wants older adults to get boosted over and over again.


Anderson Cooper appeared perplexed by Gates’s remarks and asked him for further input on when to receive booster shots.

“So, I’ve been trying to figure this out for myself but I assume you know the answer to this so I’ll just ask you. When do you get boosted again?” Cooper asked.

Gates said with more data, adults over 60 or 70 may need to have the timespan shortened between boosters.

“So we’re in for ongoing vaccination to stay absolutely safe,” Gates said.

In other words, continue taking booster shots until you die.

How anyone can take medical advice from this creep is beyond my comprehension.

Twitter users reacted:

We Love Trump

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