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(WATCH) Austin Mom Tells Son She Tried to Abort Him and It Didn’t Work, Infowars Host Owen Shroyer Films It All

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Infowars host Owen Shroyer went to an Austin pro-abortion rally and brought photos of an unborn baby, asking protestors to describe what they saw.

At one point, a woman approached Owen and told him she tried to abort her son.

“Aren’t you glad she didn’t abort you?” Owen asked her son.

“I almost did. It didn’t work,” the woman said.

The woman laughed after the comment right beside her son.

After Owen showed the kid pictures of an unborn baby, he said he was once “a cluster of cells.”

A few moments later, the woman started screaming at Owen and knocked his camera to the ground.

The police officers there did nothing.

Watch the confrontation below:

The full video at the Austin pro-abortion rally is available on Infowars.

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