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Washington State Wants To End Gas Vehicle Sales By 2030

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Personally, I am not a fan of petrol.

Gas is expensive, causes massive geopolitical tensions, it really isn’t good for the environment, and it is just a backwards way of doing things—in 2022 we are still burning things to push objects.

However, the popular alternative “green energy” is just as bad if not worse than the use of gasoline. “Green energy” isn’t green…

It relies on the mining and manufacture of mineral based products like electric car batteries, solar panels, and other so-called “green” energy devices.

Mining is not a green activity. It releases tons of particles which then cause cloud condensing nuclei—theorized by scientists to affect climate change, to accumulate in the atmosphere.

The mining itself is done with heavy gas powered machinery.

Mineral rights are likewise the source of much misery and conflict on this planet.

If the liberals who can’t stop screeching about the environment truly cared, or if they were as educated as they would have us believe, they would support nuclear energy, and forms of energy derived from the manipulation of tiny particles…

When was the last time you heard one of these green NPCs discuss or back nuclear energy? When was the last time they made a case for exploring an energy solution tied deeply to particle physics?

Instead they tell us “you don’t need a car”, or “spend $60,000 on this new electric vehicle”, “don’t you care about the environment, don’t you want to do your part?”

According to recent reports, Washington state has jumped aboard this fraudulent “green” bandwagon by planning to ban all new gas powered vehicle sales by 2030…

Critics say this is completely unrealistic, I say it is unrealistic, completely misguided, and downright stupid.

Here’s what those weary of this recent announcement had to say:

The Epoch Times had more details:

During the bill signing this week, Inslee said that the measure is climate-related and will “move us away from the transportation system our grandparents imagined and towards the transportation system our grandchildren dream of.”

Reports indicate that electric vehicles are cost-prohibitive for many Americans, with an average price for an electric car hovering around $50,000. According to local media, just 1.3 percent of cars on the road in Washington state are battery-powered.

The Hill adds:

Washington state is hoping to address its role in contributing to national greenhouse gas emissions, as “Move Ahead Washington” includes investments in four new hybrid-electric ferries, tens of thousands of new electric vehicle charging stations, 25 additional transit electrification projects across the state and free fares for passengers 18 years and young on all public transportation.

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