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Washington State Board of Health Decides COVID-19 Jabs Will NOT Be Required for K-12 Schools

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Last month, an advisory group in Washington state recommended against requiring the experimental COVID-19 injections for students in K-12 schools.

Washington Health Board Advisory Group Recommends AGAINST COVID-19 Jab Requirement for K-12 Students

Ultimately, the Washington state Board of Health would make the final decision.

The Board of Health opted against requiring the experimental COVID-19 injections for K-12 students this fall.

The Seattle Times reported:

COVID-19 vaccines will not be required for students to attend K-12 schools in Washington this fall, the state Board of Health decided in a unanimous vote Wednesday afternoon.

The issue has divided many school communities over the past year and made its way to the Board of Health’s radar last fall, when the board created a separate technical advisory group tasked with researching whether a COVID vaccine would meet all the scientific criteria needed to be added to the list of required K-12 immunizations.

The advisory group at the end of February voted to recommend against adding a COVID vaccine to the list of school immunizations required by a state administrative code.

Shortly after noon Wednesday, the board approved the group’s recommendation, effectively putting an end to the discussion for now.

“The Department of Health very much supports the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations,” state Secretary of Health Dr. Umair A. Shah, a board member, said before the vote. “… I also want to affirm the overall recommendation of the (technical advisory group), but that does not take away from the fact that our department continues to remain committed to its work to encourage the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19.”

The COVID-19 shots are NOT safe or effective, and the Department of Health’s encouragement to give children these shots is disgraceful. 

Their decision not to require the experimental injections for K-12 students is a semblance of sanity in this typically blue state. 

Parents must remain vigilant and keep pressure on the Washington Department of Health. 

Corrupt health bureaucrats attempting to require these dangerous shots in the future wouldn’t surprise me.

From KIRO 7:

Dr. Tao Kwan-Gett, the state’s science officer and co-chair of the advisory group, noted that it may become necessary to assess whether the recommendation must change.

If new data on how the vaccine affects school-aged children surfaces, or if a new variant emerges that appears to show more severe disease in children, for example, the board could revisit the issue in the future, he said.

Board member Bob Lutz, former health officer of Spokane County’s public health department, said they also “have to be sensitive to the fact that this is a very contentious issue.”

He cited superintendents’ concerns about chronic absenteeism and parents/caregivers pulling their children from school during the pandemic, wondering if a COVID-19 vaccine requirement might worsen the problem.

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