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Vitamin D Can Treat Covid

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Dr. Robert Malone is back with some interesting findings, backed up by several studies, from multiple countries including Israel

It was quietly reported, but never 100% confirmed, that sunlight kills Covid. Scientists understood that the virus could not survive contact with UV light, but there is another Covid killing component within the sunlight: vitamin D.

According to Dr. Malone, individuals with a concentration of vitamin D above a certain level in their blood stream have virtually no chance of dying from Covid-19.

That’s not all though, according to him, higher concentrations of vitamin D can also help prevent contracting the virus in the first place…

Why do governments continue to ignore these findings? Why are they not promoting outdoor exercise and healthy diet as both a preventative and therapeutic counter to the virus?

Here’s what Dr. Malone had to say:

The Epoch Times explained:

With COVID-19, the fat-soluble vitamin or hormone has been found to prevent the disease, and reduce mortality and admission to the intensive care unit.

People deficient in vitamin D were also found to be 14 times more likely to have severe or critical COVID-19, according to an Israeli study.


The N.I.H. website also featured this conclusion on vitamin D and Covid:

We found a high prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies in mostly older patients hospitalized for COVID-19, particularly regarding selenium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and zinc. Several deficiencies were associated with a higher risk for more severe COVID-19 courses.

Whether supplementation of micronutrients is useful for prevention of severe clinical courses or treatment of COVID-19 warrants further research.

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