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(VIDEO) Trans Dad Asks for Funds to Place His Young Child on Puberty Blockers

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A trans dad who goes by ‘Lyric’ posted a TikTok video asking for funds to place his young child on puberty blockers.


“I’m raising money to help fund my son’s transition related costs,” he said.

“I’m sharing this with his permission. Um basically we already have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria for him. Um we have gotten his blood work done and we need to start him on puberty blockers as soon as possible.”

The dad explained that he didn’t transition later but now wants to experiment on his young child.

He said insurance didn’t cover the puberty blockers and would cost $468 out of pocket per shot, with each shot lasting three months.

“Um I have already exhausted most of my funds. Um I need help,” he explained.

“I want to raise money to help cover his transition related costs. It’s very difficult to come out with that sort of money on short notice. I know that I’m asking a lot.”

“I would do anything to make sure that he is able to continue his transition seamlessly,” he added.

Twitter users responded to this lunacy and child abuse:

To put a child on puberty blockers is unconscionable and should constitute a crime for child abuse.

As Gov. DeSantis stated earlier this month, he would support legislation banning gender transition procedures for minors.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Says He Would ‘Ban’ ‘Gender Transition’ Procedures for Minors

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