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Victoria Chief Health Officer Says Flu Will Be a “Much More Significant Illness” for COVID-19 Vaccinated (WATCH)

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Did the Australian mainstream media slip some truth into one of their broadcasts?

7 News interviewed Professor Brett Sutton, Victoriaโ€™s Chief Health Officer, to discuss surging flu cases.

The news analyst asked Sutton if itโ€™s possible to differentiate between influenza and COVID-19 symptoms.

In his response, Sutton made a peculiar statement.


โ€œFlu looks very much the same,โ€ Sutton said.

โ€œIn fact, for people who are vaccinated against COVID, it might be a much more significant illness.โ€

Why would individuals vaccinated against COVID-19 have a worse time handling influenza?

Maybe itโ€™s because the experimental COVID-19 shots weakened their natural innate immune systems.

WeLoveTrump has reported on vaccine-induced AIDS attributed to the toxic injections.

Americaโ€™s Frontline Doctors Confirm: Vaccine-Related AIDS Will Hit MILLIONS By Fall

Attorney Todd Callender: Everybody Who Got The Shots Was Given Some Level of AIDSโ€ฆ

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Shots Cause โ€œIrreparable Damageโ€ To The Immune System

Dr. Zelenko: โ€œThe Vaccinated Now Have AIDSโ€


Mainstream media has even stated it now.ย 

Those who received the COVID-19 shots will struggle more with influenza due to catastrophic harm done to their God-given immune system.ย 

We Love Trump

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