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Venus WIlliams Experiences Wardrobe Malfunction During Oscars

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If Will Smith hadn’t slapped Chris Rock directly in the face on live national television, the headlining story of the evening might have been Venus Williams’s nipple escaping from her dress.

Fortunately for Williams, the slap overshadowed the nipple. That is, until now.

It was a special night at the Oscars for Williams and her family. They sat in anxious anticipation for the Best Actor award and other accolades associated with King Richard. The movie is based on how their father led their family and his daughters to become two of the best women’s tennis players ever to live.

However, as Venus sat there in her white Elie Saab gown beside her sister, Venus, Cameras caught Williams’ nipple slipping out from behind her dress.

Again, on a normal night, this would have been big news. Yet, the nip slip was covered up by Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock for making a harmless G.I. Jane joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Given the dress Venus wore, the chances of a wardrobe malfunction were relatively high.

“I’ve tried my best to prepare for every moment in life,” Venus wrote in her Instagram caption. “I’ve trained my mind, body soul and spirit to be prepared and ready for anything that comes my way. Until now…. Until now…I could have never dreamed or prepared to be at the @theacademy awards for a film that tells my FAMILY’S story.”

Venus added, “This is beyond my dream. What can I tell you. Keep dreaming. Keep working. Keep fighting. You don’t know where life might take you. I’m from Compton, California. And now I’m allow the way here. Its so good to BE ALIVE!”

Chris Rock declined to press charges against Will Smith for the slap.

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