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Ukrainian Tennis Star Wants to Ban Russian Athletes Who Don’t Pass Her Ideology Test

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Politics ruin sports.

Elina Svitolina, a Ukrainian tennis star, is demanding that Russian and Belarusian tennis players be banned from international competitions unless they pass her ideology test.

She released her ideology exam by twitter:

She wants to know:

1. Do you support Russia’s and Belarus invasion in Ukraine’s territory and as a result of that the war started by those countries?

2. Do you support Russia’s and Belarus military activities in Ukraine?

3. Do you support Putin’s and Lukashenko’s regime?

It’s a pass of fail or test.  One wrong answer and a competitor is banned if Svitolina gets her way.

Actually, remaining silent will get you banned by her.  She wrote, “In times of crisis, silence means agreeing with what is happening. There comes a time when silence is betrayal, and that time is now.”

Unless an athlete sees the world as she does, the athlete must be canceled.  And she’s not alone.

The All England Club decided to formally ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from Wimbledon.  They don’t even get to take Svitolina’s test to prove their innocence.

In a press release, the Club chairman states, “We recognize that this is hard on the individuals affected, and it is with sadness that they will suffer for the actions of the leaders of the Russian regime.”

Novak Djokovic, a free thinking tennis star in his own right, called the ban “crazy”.  It is.

Daniil Medvedev, a Russian, is currently ranked as world No. 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals.  He held the top stop for three week earlier this year.

He can thank the Royal Family for Wimbledon’s decision to yank him from the competition.

According to Yahoo Sport:

Fears about how it would look to parade a Russian or Belarusian winner alongside the Royal Family are reportedly behind Wimbledon’s stunning decision to ban players from those countries.

What hubris.  The Royal Family denies an athlete his shot at a title because they’re afraid of the optics.

Newsflash for Royal Family  …  There’s no sense keeping up appearances after the world became acquainted with your devilish Prince Andrew.  Those are the optics you will never recover from.

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