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U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Ukraine Salaries, Pensions & Other Government Programs

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Ukraine is the receiving end of the largest money laundering operation waged against the American people.

The Biden Administration continues funneling billions of taxpayer dollars to the Ukrainian government.

After the U.S. announced $1.3 billion in additional funds and military aid to Ukraine on Thursday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that “this is only the beginning of what Ukraine will need to rebuild.”

The Biden Regime wants to bankrupt the United States to defend another corrupt administration.

Biden and his cronies will use American taxpayer dollars to continue funding the Ukrainian Regime.

AP reported:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a virtual address to IMF and World Bank leaders that “a special tax on war is needed.” He called for the proceeds of sanctioned property and Central Bank reserves to be used to compensate Ukraine for its losses.

He added that frozen Russian assets “have to be used to rebuild Ukraine after the war as well as to pay for the losses caused to other nations.”

The statements came after the Biden administration announced that the U.S. is providing an additional $500 million in financial assistance to Ukraine to sustain salaries, pensions and other government programs while it fends off Russia’s invasion.

“We plan to deploy this direct aid to Ukraine as soon as possible, to be used on the most urgent needs,” Yellen said.

The new funding is on top of $500 million in economic aid that President Joe Biden unveiled in March.


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