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“Two Snakes Will Be Erased!”

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Charlie Shamp was back on Elijah Streams this week and it’s causing quite a stir!

We have been following Charlie since as early as 2017, and I think we were one of the first major news outlets to do so.

Here is an earlier article we wrote about an early Kamala Harris prophecy back before anyone really knew her name:

Is Charlie Shamp’s 2019 Prophecy About Kamala Harris About To Come To Pass?

He’s recently become a frequent guest on Elijah Streams and he returned this week with a message that “Two Snakes Will Fall”.

I thought it was a wonderful interview and great message from Charlie, but it’s causing quite a stir.

Half of the people loved it and the other half said Charlie doesn’t sit well with their spirit or that he is contradicting what the other prophetic voices are saying.

Here is a small snippet of the debate (it goes on for pages):

I’m not here to pick sides and I think often times all can be right as they all see different aspects of things, just like the 4 Gospels of the New Testament all tell the same story with slightly different perspectives.

Anyway, I think you’re going to find this very interesting.

Watch it right here on Rumble:

Love to hear what you think…

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