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Twitter User Reportedly Passes Away Two Weeks After Bragging About Taking Pfizer COVID-19 Booster

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A Twitter user from Pretoria, South Africa, who recently bragged about taking a COVID-19 booster, reportedly died shortly after taking the third dose of the experimental shot.

Twitter user ‘Kgauza wa Lecowza’ of South Africa, a Spatial Planning Specialist,  reportedly died after being hospitalized following his Pfizer COVID-19 booster.

Bounce Nation reported:

Speaking on social media on March 8, 2022, Kgauza wa Lecowza, introduced that he can be taking the covid-19, Pfizer. He was enthusiastic about the Covid-19 aim.

He wrote: “I’m waiting for my booster shot. Next week I’m in. Bring that Pfizer. Inject it. We’re moving. I’m not interrupted by nonsense myself. I’ll be there next week. The ball.”

Two days in the past, Kgauza wa Lecowza, writing on his Twitter web page, introduced that he had been admitted to a hospital in South Africa.

He reviewed: “At some point, the body says it’s enough. I’ve finally been hospitalized. I’ll take a short break from this application. I need to prioritize my mental and physical strength. Be careful there. See you soon.”

Early on Thursday, it was reported that Kgauza wa Lecowza had died after being hospitalized.

His death was confirmed by his friends and had died on early Thursday.

Bounce Nation also noted:

According to his household’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, the medical health insurance firm has refused to pay for the life insurance coverage of an individual who died with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Now, an nameless insurance coverage firm says Kgauza wa Lecowza has dedicated suicide.


*Source – Bounce Nation*

Lecowza said in his tweet last July, “What I won’t do is engage with anti-vaxxers. Nope, I’m not going there. I’m jabbed & will get my 2nd one. When they add the booster, I’m getting that too.”

The Gateway Pundit added:

May his soul rest in peace. There are still no known facts on the cause of his death. One user said it was a Covid-19 related death but a user argued it was a vaccine-related death.

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