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Twitter User Reportedly Died Less Than Two Weeks After Bragging About Getting Pfizer Booster Shot

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A Twitter user from Pretoria, South Africa, who recently bragged about getting a booster shot, reportedly died after taking the experimental vaccine, according to local news.

Twitter user ‘Kgauza wa Lecowza’ of South Africa, a Spatial Planning Specialist,  reportedly died after being hospitalized following his Pfizer booster shot.

Last year, Lecowza posted that he would take his first booster shot on his social media account.

“Give me that booster. I’ll take it tomorrow. I’ll never listen to Twitter “scientists” nna. Ever. A ke gafe,” he wrote.

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After four months, Lecowza tweeted that his booster was due, and he planned to take another booster shot.

“I’m due for my booster shot. Next week I’m phakathi. Bring that Pfizer. Inject it. We rock on. I don’t get swayed by nonsense nna. I’ll still be here next week, balling,” Lecowza wrote.

On March 21st, Lecowza announced that he was hospitalized without disclosing further details. He added he would take a break from social media and prioritize his mental & physical strength.

“At some point the body declares enough is enough. I’m finally hospitalized. Gonna take a bit of a break from this app. Need to prioritize my mental & physical strength. Take care out there. See you soon,” Lecowza said.

His death was confirmed by his friends and had died on early Thursday.

Lecowza said in his tweet last July, “What I won’t do is engage with anti-vaxxers. Nope, I’m not going there. I’m jabbed & will get my 2nd one. When they add the booster, I’m getting that too.”

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