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Trump Spotted With 47 On His Sleeve

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President Trump is ready for 2024.

A recent video of Trump golfing shows him wearing the number 47 on his sleeve.

As you know Trump was the 45th president and now he’s looking forward to being the 47th president in 2024.

Take a look:

Back in 2022 while Trump was golfing he stated he is the 45th and the 47th president.

Watch here:

Yahoo had more details on the story:

President Donald Trump suggested during a round of golf that he’s really driving toward a presidential bid in 2024.

In a widely reported clip that appears to show Trump playing at one of his clubs, a partner introduces him on the tee as the “45th president of the United States.”

To which Trump replies: “Forty-fifth and 47th.” He drew claps and cheers from people off-camera before hitting his drive.

Trump’s office didn’t immediately answer HuffPost’s questions about the footage.

Trump has repeatedly hinted he’ll run for another term, but declaring himself the 47th president would be the strongest indication yet of his impending candidacy.

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