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“Trump May Surprise Some People With What Comes Next And The Timing Of It…”

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Kash Patel is one of the most fascinating people in President Trump’s inner circle…

And he loves to tease us with big details!

Do you know what I’ve noticed most about President Trump and those truly in his inner circle?

They all seem so extremely calm and confident.

Has anyone else noticed that?

Every time I see Kash do an interview, he acts like they’ve already won and they’re just waiting on the news to break and everyone to catch up with them.

And maybe they have.

Anyone remember this?

Perhaps the most important soundbite President Trump ever gave us:

FLASHBACK: President Trump Says “I Caught The Swamp, I Caught Them All”

And now for the latest…

Courtesy of @The:StormHasArrived17:

Kash Patel was asked about his recent golf outing with President Trump. His response was awesome.

“I got a lot of good stories for you guys and us when we’re slamming PBR’s. Let’s see what I can share with the public here…

We were talking about John Durham a lot…

Of course he’s talking to me about ‘do you think we should run again?’… I’m not gonna give you the answer to that question but I’ll tell you it was discussed heavily and there was a big smile on his face. So I think he’s gonna be swinging pretty hard and he may surprise some people with what’s next and the timing of it, but I’ll leave that to the boss.”

The timing of what’s next? Interesting 🤔

Watch the full clip plus an appearance on FoxNews here on Rumble:


Kash: “He (Durham) has put the Clinton campaign and the FBI cabal together in Andy McCabe’s office, with their own notes, to go and lie to an American public, a federal court, and surveil a president unlawfully.”

Get your popcorn ready. The trial starts tomorrow 🍿

We Love Trump

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