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Trump Calls Out McConnell Over GOP Senate Remarks

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Donald Trump blasted Mitch McConnell over his recent remarks on Republican senate candidates.

McConnell downplayed the Republicans’ chances to retake the Senate and added “candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.” This was viewed as a swipe at candidates Trump has endorsed.

Trump said McConnell was openly disparaging “hard-working Republican candidates for the United States Senate.”

Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell, to openly disparage hard working Republican candidates for the United States Senate. This is such an affront to honor and to leadership. He should spend more time (and money!) helping them get elected, and less time helping his crazy wife and family get rich on China!

Dick Morris accused McConnell of trying to “dry up” money to candidates that Trump has endorsed.

Newsweek reported:

“Right now, Mitch McConnell is running around badmouthing our chances of winning in the Senate; saying that it’s very close, we’ll win the House but who knows about the Senate. And what he’s doing is he’s saying that the Trump candidates who won the primaries, often against the ones he endorsed, are going to be too weak to win in November because they’ll be too polarizing,” Morris said during an appearance on the radio show Cats Roundtable.

Morris accused McConnell of doing so to “dry up money to the people who Trump’s endorsed,” so that his choice of candidates would prevail in future primaries.

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