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Trump Backed JD Vance Wins Ohio’s Republican Primary

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Trump has been staying busy since leaving the White House and his main mission has been to dethrone everyone sitting RINO lawmaker.

Well, now Trump’s mission is starting to come into fruition after J.D. Vance won the Republican senate primary in Ohio.

Here was the results according to the New York Times:

340,991 32.2%
253,051 23.9%
247,042 23.3%

Vance was behind in the polls until President Trump started to endorse Vance.

Fox News had these details to share:

The victory of JD Vance in the raucous Ohio GOP senate primary sets the tone for a midterm success that will include a larger number of unique, independent and successful candidates who will win their races due to their own abilities and association with Donald Trump, and not because of their fealty to Washington, Republicans or the support from major corporations. In fact, a growing number of these successful candidates ran against the traditional national powers. When they come to the Capitol they will comprise the first Republican majority wholly independent of the normal elite power structures.

This could be the most exciting aspect of this year’s Big Red Wave — victorious candidates who are healthy from giving up the junk food of corporate PAC checks and the largess of most of the big money players who usually finance establishment Republican victories and the resulting carefully constructed caution that always follows. Corporate America has bet on the Democratic Party before, but that former Democratic Party was never this extreme nor opposed to basic pro-business policies.

Many of these companies broke with Republican politicians over GOP insistence on voter I.D. These companies have accepted the left wing orthodoxy that photo I.D.s are racist and so they also lavish financial support to BLM umbrella groups that foment racial discord.

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