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Tom Cotton Confident That Republicans Will Win Back The House And Senate (VIDEO)

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Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said during a recent apparance on FOX News that he is confident that Republicans will win the House and the Senate in the November midterms.

Host Sandra Smith posed her question with the liberal media narrative that Republicans have lost momentum, but Cotton wisely rejected this.

He suggested that races will be competitive but that Republicans would win in the end.

Breitbart News provides a partial transcript:

SANDRA SMITH: Let’s dig in and pop back up on the screen the breakdown of the Senate races with four in the toss-up category. Obviously Arizona, watching Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, the open seat there. What do you see happening here and what do you attribute the loss of momentum for your party?

SEN. TOM COTTON: I’m confident we’re going to win control of the House and Senate. I wouldn’t say we’ve had a loss of momentum. These Senate races are very competitive and go down to the wire in many states. The Democrats, of course, have a very energized far-left base that is happy that Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress have been trying to deliver on their far left demands.

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Here’s the video:

Cotton also recently ripped Biden over the border crisis.

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From FOX News:

Tom Cotton rips ‘sanctimonious liberals’ on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Biden presiding over ‘slow-motion invasion’

TOM COTTON: The hypocrisy of these sanctimonious liberals is just amazing. Joe Biden has presided over a slow-motion invasion of our country since he took office. Almost four million illegal migrants have crossed our country. And there are border towns, to include El Paso, as we just heard from Bill Melugin, who have thousands of illegal migrants arriving every single day. Yet when a few thousand arrive in Washington, D.C., they declare a state of emergency. When they get to Chicago, they call up the National Guard. When 50 get to Martha’s Vineyard, the liberal media goes into a five-alarm fire.

Voters are paying closer attention to the border issue now than they were a week ago.

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