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Three of Alex Jones’ Companies Filed For Bankruptcy Protections

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According to media reports, 3 companies affiliated with Alex Jones filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Courts in Texas and Connecticut found Jones liable for defamation in suits brought by Sandy Hook families and others, but no damages have been determined yet.  The Texas case damages were to be determined by a jury next week.

The bankruptcy filing is seen an as effort to halt the litigation on damages.

The Austin American Statement reports,

As part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Jones paid $725,000 of his own money into a litigation settlement trust that now holds the assets of the three companies. The trust is meant to pay damage awards to the families, according to the bankruptcy papers filed Sunday and Monday in Victoria federal court.  Another $2 million will be paid into the trust at a future date, the filings said, without listing the source of the money.

Jones has a GiveSendGo campaign ( to create a legal defense fund.  The campaign states:

Free Speech is under attack like never before. The fate of Infowars’ speech will ultimately be the fate of Free Speech not just in America but worldwide. Dark forces are attacking Infowars and Infowars hosts from multiple angles in an attempt to drive us into submission and bankruptcy. The attempt to take Infowars off the air is part of a larger criminal operation to bully the American people and set a standard worldwide that anyone who stands up for Freedom will be destroyed. To paraphrase what President Trump has said many times, “They aren’t after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.”

This past weekend Jones asked listeners for support as he described the legal fight he is in:




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