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This is a MAGA Party Now…

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Well, this is certainly odd…

For two reasons.

First, we have Joe Biden rambling on and on and I can’t figure out what he’s trying to even say!

But I did hear him say it’s a MAGA Party now, which sounds good to me!

Ok Joe!

Man, I can’t decide who’s more incoherent, Joe or Nancy Pelosi.

That’s the first weird thing.

Next, I have to ask: is this another green screen?

Because it looks really weird and really fake to me.

Here’s the clip, see what you think on both points.

Watch here on Rumble:

What do you think?

Does that look like a green screen to you?

Remember this from last weekend on Easter?

Another green screen fail?

And remember this green screen fail?

Is there anything MORE fake than Joe Biden and the fake Presidency?

We Love Trump

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