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“They’re Not Somebody Else’s Children, They’re Yours When You’re in the Classroom,” Biden Says to Teachers (WATCH)

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Joe and Jill Biden on Wednesday hosted the Council of Chief State School Officers’ 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year in the East Room of the White House.

During his speech, Biden said the quiet part out loud that should heighten parents’ ears.

“They are not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom,” he said to teachers.


No, children belong to their parents.

Not teachers.

Not the government.

Their parents.

Democrats want your children any way possible.

Indoctrination camps (nicknamed public schools) provide the best opportunities for the Biden Regime to brainwash our youth.

While indoctrination camps attempt to push a “woke” agenda on children, Biden compared the fight for parental rights to banning books.

Newsmax explained:

Biden, speaking at an annual 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year award ceremony, said politicians are trying to score points by banning books, in an apparent reference to conservatives and Republicans in states from Texas to Tennessee.

“American teachers have dedicated their lives to teaching our children and lifting them up,” Biden said to murmurs of agreement from the teachers. “We’ve got to stop making them the target of the culture wars. That’s where this is going.”

Across the United States, more than 1,000 titles, mostly addressing racism and LGBTQ issues, have been removed from school libraries in recent months, according to the writers’ organization PEN America. Conservatives who have flagged the content are against the introduction of such topics in schools, particularly ones for younger students. They want the education on these issues to be left to parents or guardians.

“Today, there are too many politicians trying to score political points, trying to ban books,” Biden said. “Did you ever think when you were teaching you’d be worrying about book burning and banning books all because it doesn’t fit someone’s political agenda?”

Of course, supporters of many book restrictions voice much the same concern about a “woke” political agenda bleeding into content and curriculum choices.

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