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‘There are Things He’s Done that are Wonderful’

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Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, who is running as a Republican for Senate in Pennsylvania, has sidestepped questions about Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in the past, saying he has done things that are “wonderful.”

This revelation about Dr. Oz comes as former President Donald Trump, who backs the candidate, goes on the attack against McConnell, calling him a “crow” at his rally Friday night in Pennsylvania.

When Dr. Oz was previously asked about McConnell, who also happens to be the leader of his party in the Senate, and whom Oz would probably be working under if elected, he reportedly said, “I think there are things he’s done that are wonderful, there are things I didn’t agree with.”

But during the former president’s rally in Pennsylvania on Friday night, Trump attacked McConnell, saying the senator “is the least popular politician in the country. … He’s an old broken-down … crow.”

He continued, explaining, “I want to be nice,” indicating he had a “foul” word to call him instead, but did not want to cause problems with the former first lady, Melania Trump. Trump then reiterated the term for McConnell, saying, “he’s an old broken down piece of…crow.”

Trump was likely referring to a recent Morning Consult poll that revealed McConnell earned the status of the most unpopular senator. The poll found his approval rating to be at a low 33 percent, while his disapproval is at 60 percent, giving him a net approval rating of negative 27 percent.

McConnell, as the least unpopular senator, has a lower approval rating than his fellow Republican establishment senators, Susan Collins of Maine with a 47-49 percent unfavorable, Mitt Romney of Utah with 48-43 percent, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska with 45-45 percent.

However, the latest Franklin & Marshall poll showed Dr. Oz has a negative favorability rating among Republican voters as well.

As far as Republican voters, 41 percent viewed him unfavorably, while only 29 percent viewed him favorably.

But, while Dr. Oz is underwater and endorsed by Trump, his primary opponent David McCormick shows a clear advantage with the faction of voters who have supported the former president.

Of those respondents, 29 percent said they favored McCormick, while only 19 percent favored Dr. Oz, and 18 percent preferred Kathy Barnette.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @JacobMBliss.


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