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The Washington Post Admits Complicity In Suppression Of Hunter Biden Story

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And this is how they do it ladies and gentlemen….

They censor, egregiously suppress the truth, and neglect entire stories, and then what do they do? They issue some cheap apology that stinks of the decaying skeletons they are hiding behind the veil of plausible deniability…

“We didn’t know”, “we had no way to verify the information at the time”, or my personal favorite: “we couldn’t tell if it was Russian disinformation or not”.

Like I said earlier, these claims are cheap, and it only serves to further erode the trust people have in the mainstream media, yet this is exactly what the Washington Post and many others in the mainstream media now claim.

According to one of the Post’s most recent articles, the mainstream media is responsible for suppressing the Hunter Biden story—an accurate assertion, but almost 2 years too late.

Where were these people during the 2020 election? Oh, that’s right—they were viciously suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and calling anyone who questioned it a white supremacist.

The Washington Post is right, the mainstream media does need to be held accountable, but not by a slap on the wrist and an acceptance of their cheap apologies so they can continue to be pawns of the state…

They need to be seen as exactly what they are: a PR firm for the government, corporations, and the political parasites who mediate and broker the unholy alliance between both.

Read on, and let us know what you really think of all these outlets:

Just The News points out:

The Post editorial board stressed President Biden’s innocence several times in the opinion piece.

“The idea that these latest revelations definitively vindicate or villainize any party except Mr. Biden himself, however, is misplaced,” the board wrote.


Fox News adds:

However, the Post’s editorial board insisted there was additional context behind media’s reluctance to cover the story, the publication admitted that it “doesn’t necessarily exonerate every action of every publication and platform.”

“This series of events has prompted allegations of a coverup, or at best a double standard in the treatment of conservative and liberal politicians by mainstream media and social media sites,” it wrote.

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