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The Seraphim Dream, Tim Sheets: Strike Season Begins!

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Tim Sheets is someone I didn’t really know of a few years ago, but he’s grown into a real favorite.

For me and many of you.

He operates very strongly in the prophetic and the angelic, and yet he’s the most “normal” soft-spoken guy you can meet.

But boy does he carry some power in the spiritual realm!

What I’m going to show you today feels like Part 2 of something I brought you a few weeks ago.

Here is “Part 1” where Tim tells a short story about his “Permission to Proceed” dream.

If you haven’t seen that yet, take a look here:

Prophetic Word From Tim Sheets: “Permission To Proceed!”

And now for what I’m calling Part 2, this is really awesome…

Listen as he talks about the Seraphim that have been sitting in the back corners of his church for the past year and the new one that just showed up.

You’re going to love this:

And finally, this ties in so well with something I wrote yesterday.

Yesterday I published this article where I spoke about God’s Angel Armies.

You just have to read it to understand:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We Do Not Support Calls For Violence, But We Don’t Speak For…

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