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The Sequel To “The Plan To Save The World” [Saved]

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Perhaps the best video ever made in the Q/Trump movement is “The Plan To Save The World”.

You may have seen this before but it is more relevant now than ever.

Think it’s all over?

Think again.

As “Deplorables” we have a certain view of the world.

That view includes things like understanding how the Deep State pulls the strings behind the scene, how many politicians and famous people are deeply corrupted, and on and on.

Have you ever struggled to share that view with others?

Because there are just so many moving pieces and it’s hard to pull it all together?

We’ve got you covered.

We just came across this AMAZING video that puts the whole story together in 13 minutes.

It’s brilliant.

And it will get your adrenaline pumping!

Because the good guys are about to strike back.  The plan has been laid and the good guys in government and in the military are ready to restore our country.

Many people don’t know what to make of Q, but many recent posts have shown whoever it is has a deep connection deep inside the White House.

And they’re the white knights.

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Please enjoy this video and please SHARE it like crazy:

They fear the truth.

So here’s a backup from Bitchute if that gets taken down:

And now….the Sequel.

I believe this was just released and it’s shorter but just as powerful.

The message is simple: this is NOT over yet.

The battle is not done.

Good prevails.

Please enjoy the Sequel, Dark to Light, right here on Rumble:

We Love Trump

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