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The Love of Many Will Wax Cold

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Happy Palm Sunday everyone!

As you know, each Sunday we like to bring you a Gospel message and this week is extra special: PALM SUNDAY!

From Pastor Robb, here is a quick write up about his message today:

Jesus makes His triumphant entry in to Jerusalem as the King of Israel. The people hail Him as King & Prophet. Five days later the same people are shouting, Crucify Him. How can this happen? Also we will learn the true meaning if the Hebrew word, Hosanna. Let’s learn together more about what really happened on that day. Prophecy was fulfilled. God bless you as you listen to the message.

Pastor Robb Goodman Sr Pastor of Zion Freedom Fellowship in Westminster Maryland USA.

Please enjoy this wonderful message from Pastor Robb:

Since it’s a special Sunday, I thought I would include a bonus message today as well.

From Louie Giglio, here is one of his most famous messages.


We Love Trump

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