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The Hampstead Abuse Case

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This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.

This article contains statements and commentary which are the opinion of Concrete Conspiracy. 


This case is a little older than what I’d usually cover. That being said it’s still important that we cover it! We can tell a lot about what is going on throughout the rest of the world and in other satanic cults from what information this case provides.

The Hampstead scandal represents a prime example of satanic ritual abuse, child torture, and blood sacrifice by an alleged satanic cult consisting of schoolteachers, priests, social workers, health care workers, child protection agencies, and police officers.

All the information, in this case, relies solely on witness testimony from two children, ages 8 and 9. Although most people would dismiss the accusations right away because they came from young children, this shouldn’t have been the case. How would the children be able to make up such a horrific story?! There is no possible way that they were able to make this up unless they actually saw all of it for themselves!

The two children’s mother – Ella Draper – who now goes by her Russian maiden name Gareeva, and her then-boyfriend Abe Christie in August 2014 recorded the victims’ abuse disclosures in good faith as evidence. After the abuse was reported to the local Barnet police the story took a tragic turn. It was less than a week later that the two abused children were taken from their loving mother who never abused them, and were abducted by agents of the state in order to prevent them from revealing any more details. We can start to tell that the abuse was systematic when the police and state agents tried to flip the blame on the mother in order to cover up the abuse that stemmed throughout government agencies, the education system, some churches, and the justice department.

Matter-of-fact, in most vivid detail, the two siblings, 8-year-old Gabriel and his 9-year-old sister Alisa enthusiastically described the horrific abuse systematically done to them by their father Ricky Dearman, the alleged satanic cult leader and his cult members that included primarily the children’s Hampstead schoolmistress, the school nurse, schoolteachers, parents, Haringey police officers, doctors, attorneys and personnel from assorted social service agencies. Although the children explained this in miraculous detail, the justice department dismissed all of it.

By February 2015, without consent from Ella or Abe, and without protecting the children’s faces or identity, the videos were uploaded onto the internet and within a few days went viral, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people around the globe convinced that the two young children were telling the horrifying truth of organized ritualized child sexual abuse, sacrificial murder of infants and cannibalism.

You can find these interviews here:

9 Year Old Alisa’s Interview(only some of it):

8 Year Old Gabriel’s Interview(only some of it):

Lastly, I want to talk about other abuse cases that happened in Hampstead. I do this to further validate the children’s claims.

Shortly before the Hampstead scandal broke via the internet in February 2015 when the kids’ disclosure videos went viral, a little more than two years earlier in October 2012 a male teacher at a Hampstead primary school implicated in the soon-to-be scandal who sexually abused a 9-year old girl on a school field trip was allowed to walk out of court a free man escaping jail time.

In a book written in 2001 by abuse victim Jonathan Self, a cluster of more Hampstead teachers were accused of committing child sex crimes during the 1970s at University College School (UCS). The supposed pedo-ring-leader and a teacher of politics were close friends with infamous VIP pedo-politician Lord Janner who had a home in Hampstead with a son also attending UCS. In June 2015 the Daily Mail even speculated about Janner’s possible participation. By the way, another even more infamous pedophile politician spent time attending school in Hampstead prior to Cambridge – Sir Leon Brittan.

Now the town of Hampstead falls within the London borough of Camden where a Catholic friar teaching at a local school was caught with over 5,000 downloaded indecent images including scenes of child bestiality, bondage, and rape. Just like the scenes recorded and sold allegedly as child pornography by the Hampstead satanic cult. The priest’s 8-month prison sentence was suspended, just months ahead of the Hampstead satanic cult of sodomizers first being outed in August 2014 by the two abused siblings. A Hampstead Anglican priest was also implicated by the children to be a key member of the satanic cult.

Does the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse case seem more legit now? No one was held responsible in this case. In fact, no one was held responsible for any child sexual abuse case in Hampstead. They’re all dismissed. No accountability. Straight cover-ups. It’s systematic! Who’s to say that it still doesn’t happen today? If they are protected as much as they are in these cases it’s probably still rampant.

To give you a little background of the town. Hampstead is a small town of about 14,000 people in the borough of Camden in the North London area. In a small town like that, who knows what’s happening if witnesses describe the education system, the churches, the justice system, and the government involved in it all! I tend to wonder what is really happening in the town of Hampstead.

This article contains statements and commentary which are the opinion of Concrete Conspiracy. 

This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.

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