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The Full Movie [Share Please]

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I just finished watching the Selection Code movie.

Selection as in “we don’t have Elections, we have Selections made by the Elites.”

Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about it recently online.

It debuted at Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit this weekend and honestly I have to admit it was hard to watch at points.

Not because it was bad.

No, it was INCREDIBLY well done.

It’s just that the level of fraud and abuse in our country is off the charts, and the things that are being done to silence good, patriotic Americans who simply love our country and only want free and fair elections is APPALLING!

But all the more reason why we must get the truth out there…

We must shine light on this!

And this movie does it in a way that is really incredible.

It grabs your attention from the first minute and never lets go.

More engrossing than most movies you will see at the theaters (except maybe Top Gun: Maverick, that movie was freaking awesome!).

So please watch the full thing and then share everywhere:

Backup here at Bitchute:

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