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Texas Working to Get Rid of Free Education For “Undocumented” Children

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Since Biden has taken office, the federal government has been making it difficult for states to succeed. From rising inflation, food shortages and the cost of fuel, the American people are having to put up with a lot.

The frustrating part is that there are common sense solutions. Instead of taking them, the government is doing the opposite. While things are dysfunctional on the federal level, conservative-run states are pushing back on behalf of their citizens.

Texas has been one of the most effected states because of Biden’s poor policies. For example, oil drilling, one of Texas’ main sources of industry has been hampered by Biden’s policies. It used to thrive under President Trump but now hundreds of acres of oil fields and drilling equipment lay idle. It’s workers out of a job.

The biggest issue has been Biden’s stance on illegal immigration and allowing the southern border to remain wide open. Texas has tried to protect the border on their own but without federal resources it’s been like trying to use a bandaid to patch a dam. Funny how they can put fences around SCOTUS and the Capital building but can’t seem to assemble one to protect our country.

In the meantime, conservatives like Governor Abbott are not sitting idle. One way is to overturn an old ruling that requires the state funded education of “undocumented” children.

NPR shares some of the details about what is happening:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says his state shouldn’t have to provide free public schooling to undocumented students, despite a long-standing Supreme Court decision that says the opposite.

Looks like the battle at the Supreme Court regarding overturning Roe V. Wade is causing some lawmakers to have a look at what other rulings have been incorrectly held in place. It turns out that there was a Supreme Court decision that forced Texas to provide education to those that may have entered the country illegally.

The high court’s Plyler v. Doe ruling of 1982 struck down a Texas law that did two things: It denied state funds for any students deemed not to have lawfully entered the U.S., and it allowed public school districts to deny admission to those children.

Abbott first made his remarks about the landmark education decision on Wednesday, in the aftermath of a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Governor Abbott is looking to bring up that case again to the Supreme Court and see if he can put the power to decide those matters back into the hands of his state. Regardless how people feel about educating the undocumented, it’s clear that the power to decide should be with the states and its people.

Abbott said the court’s 1982 ruling had imposed an unfair burden on his state.

“I think we will resurrect that case and challenge this issue again, because the expenses are extraordinary and the times are different” from when the decision came down, Abbott said in an interview with conservative radio host Joe Pagliarulo.

One thing this has done is expose the hypocrisy and the idiocy of the Left. Thousands of them took to Twitter to declare that “America is just the worst” for not offering free, tax-payer funded education to the children of those who enter illegally.

I’m pretty sure if we sent this Twitter user to the actual Taliban for a few weeks, he would be slower to call Texas an oppressive regime. Field trip time.

The logic in this tweet is astounding. And these are the types of people our politicians are wanting to yield to. What the Left fails to realize is that virtue signaling isn’t a viable strategy to help this nation succeed. In fact it does the opposite.

It may seem like an unpopular move. Some may say it’s callous considering children do not have a say in where they are from or that they are in this country to begin with. However the issue at hand is federal government overreach in a decision that should be handled on the state level.

Given the federal government’s track record recently, it’s becoming essential that conservative states take back and maintain as much of their autonomy so their residents don’t have to suffer through what liberal territories are subjecting theirs to.

With gender studies and sex education being pressured onto schools on a federal level, it’s more important than ever that states get them out of public education entirely. Roe V. Wade seems to be pulling some of these government overreaches out of the closet. Hopefully as that happens, SCOTUS will be able to right some unconstitutional wrongs along the way.





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