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Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Combat The Evil Of A CBDC

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Ted Cruz has been doing and saying a lot of the right things lately…

The Texas Senator recently introduced a bill aimed at stopping the creation of a central bank digital currency in America, and he is right on the money.

Cruz cites the path to a CBDC as ‘insidious’, and I couldn’t agree more. It is a plot to enslave every single man, woman, and child in this country.

He goes on to warn that we cannot embark on the same path as our rival China—when they go low, we go high, or so the saying goes.

I applaud Ted Cruz for the introduction of this bill, at least some people within our government are trying to prevent the ultimate tyranny.

Take a look:

Coin Telegraph had more on the introduction of the bill:

Emmer introduced the House bill on Jan. 18. Fellow congressman Cruz’s legislation could potentially speed up the passage or rejection of the bill by allowing it to be considered in both chambers of Congress at the same time.

Emmer, co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, motivated his bill by the concern that a retail CBDC would force consumers to open accounts with the Federal Reserve Bank.


ProCoin News explains that the Federal Reserve has released a white paper outlining a CBDC:

The United States Central Bank, commonly known as the Federal Reserve, has recently announced the release of a new whitepaper that discusses the pros and cons of launching a central bank digital currency (CDBC).

The whitepaper, however, does not conclude with whether the Federal Reserve was actually going to launch a digital dollar which left some readers confused.

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