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Sunday Message: The Prophet Samuel

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As always, we like to feature a great gospel message each Sunday and today is Sunday!

We feature our good friend Pastor Robb Goodman who brings a very timely message on prophets and God’s messengers.

From Pastor Robb:

The title of my message today is titled, The Prophet Samuel. Today’s message is a very sobering message about one of the Lord’s most important Prophets. Prophet’s are sent and anointed by God for a very special purpose and season.

Samuel was not pleased with the children of Israel when they desired a King to rule over them and not Yaweh.  Samuel had to deal with Saul’s arrogance and disobedience. My prayer is that this message will draw each listener closer to the Lord God. Today is part 1 of this message. I’m being led by the Holy Spirit to teach about some of the Old Covenant Prophet’s of the Lord.

– Pastor Robb Goodman Sr.  Pastor of Zion Freedom Fellowship in Westminster Maryland USA.

Enjoy it right here:

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